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Record Producer, Recording Engineer, Songwriter-Composer, Musician, Computer Music Programmer, Freelance Writer, and Recording Artist. I have worked with many different recording artist in a variety of generes, so when asked what sort of music I am into I simply say MUSIC! So that includes everything from Classical, Folk, Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Ska, Roots Reggae, and DanceHall. I am also an avid film buff and love to talk movies and film. I have participated in many artistic ventures also which include Jean-Claude Christo's Surrounded Island Project in So. Florida back in the 1980's. I have produced and performed on a number of Roots Reggae albums and have backed as side musician many of Jamaica's most notable recording artist from Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus to Bunny Wailer. I am presently embarked on my own solo artistic endeavors at the moment and doing a bit of videography as well.

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    Virtualization - Network Part 4

    20 months ago

    This is the Fourth in a four part series on Virtualization technology using Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization software to create a server and network solution for enterprise networks and administrators

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    Workforce Investment Act - Employment Solution or Scam

    20 months ago

    Is the governments Workforce Investment Act failing and wasting taxpayers money, and not finding employment for jobless workers trying reinvent themselves and return to the ranks of the working.

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    Server and Network Security Risks

    20 months ago

    All Systems have risks associated with them. So it is important to be aware of the risks associated with a server in order to defend against those risks.

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    Windows Server 2012: Server Roles and Features

    22 months ago

    The newest version of Windows Server has new and enhanced features that greatly simplify a server administrator’s job making it easier and more efficient.

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    Todays Networking Environments

    22 months ago

    Today’s networking environments consist of both local servers and clients that also use integrated services that can either be on a public or private cloud. The pros and cons associated with both.

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